Absolute-DSi operates the latest in CNC Swiss Turning and can machine diameters as small as 0.020” and as large as 1.259”. Not only do we take on orders for “high volume” production runs, we also offer our customers “Prototyping” services to prove out designs and validate the most efficient and economical way to make parts and assemblies. With our “9 axis” machines we are able to turn, mill, thread, gun drill, ream, bore and grind all in one setup eliminating the need for second and third operations and passing the savings on to our customer. Around the clock operations mean we can turn around parts in days or weeks not months. We work with many materials including Titanium, Beryllium Copper, Delrin, Teflon, Nitinol and Stainless Steel.

Many types of material require Passivation or “Super Cleaning” process to protect against “Contamination”, “Corrosion” or “Oxidation”. Absolute-DSi operates a fully automatic Passivation Unit to ensure your parts are clean and ready for use.

We grind 10’s of thousands of “Surgical Blades” a year and no part is more demanding. These parts require the highest in accuracy and there is no room for error. With tolerances of +/-0.00005, many vendors try to get into the “Surgical Blade” business but few succeed.

We also do high precision “Surface Grinding”, “CNC Milling” and general machining to support all our other departments 

Our Wire EDM machines allow us to machine unattended and to very tight tolerances. We commonly hold +/-0.0001 which ensures accuracy as well as repeatability. We use wire as small as 0.004 diameter which allows for a 0.0025 inside radius for the ultimate in micromachining. We can cut ultra hard materials like Carbide, Molybdenum and hardened Tool Steels. Whether your application is “High Volume” Production or intricate 5 axis machining, Wire EDM may be just what your project needs.

Many Medical Devices require one or more “Flat Blanked” or “Deep Drawn” parts. Absolute-DSi operates its own Stamping Department which allows us to control the entire manufacturing process from start to finish. We build our own Tools so that your Proprietary Devices and Components are seen by the fewest number of vendors.

Many Medical Devices and their components require one or more parts to be joined together. Laser Welding is a very accurate means of accomplishing this task. Our “State of the Art” Rofin Laser Welder is known throughout the industry as a leader in micro welding technology. Our years of experience in designing and building proprietary fixturing, used in the welding process, allows us to do these joining operations extremely accurately and economically.

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